Bally Sports Graphics Package

Bally Sports Graphics Package

At the beginning of 2020, we were commissioned by our longtime client Fox Sports Southwest to execute the entire sound design package for the national rollout of Ballys Sports Network.

It was a very cool gig to get, and the process was what one would expect from a complete re-brand such as this.

I was initially delivered a handful of transitions to design, with the expectation that we would explore styles and textures until all relevant parties agreed on the direction we wanted for the entire package – and ultimately for the brand.

The first pass included options that were very organic in nature, some that were completely synthesized, some very dense and busy, and others that were simple and cleaner. After a few rounds of experimentation and feeback, a direction was agreed upon and we were off to the races. The primary feel ended up being a modern video game aesthetic – with both complex interlocking movements to match the visuals and headsup display style UI to reference first person shooters,and space games.

Over the next several weeks dozens of elements were created and delivered – and each had to go through approval both locally in Dallas and also at corporate headquarters in LA. All of the elements were designed in 5.1 and then mixed down to stereo at broadcast spec levels.

Its always an honor to be trusted with a company’s brand, and the end result is something everyone is proud of.

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