Remote mix approvals

Remote mix approvals with source-live

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added the ability to do high quality remote audio mixing by integrating Source-Live into our production suites!

We have had the ability for remote recording via Source-Connect for several years now, but adding Source-Live opens up a whole new workflow for previewing and approving mixes.

Most similar videoconferencing services have lots of compression and limiting built into the audio feeds so that they can maximize intelligibility when people speak in the room.  Good for being understood, but bad for evaluating mixes.  Source-Live is different because it routes mixes directly from our protools sessions unaltered and in high resolution, along with video, into a browser or ios app in real time.  Its also encrypted and password protectable, so the entire process remains confidential.

This allows for a couple of interesting use cases:

The first is obviously quick change revisions where an editor or producer can give notes to us over the phone, and then hear the changes against picture in high resolution as soon as we make them in the protools session.

The second is for live events and installs.  Often, the interaction of the PA, the room, and the reverberation in the space can combine to hurt intelligibility on mixes in live venues that sound perfectly good in a quiet room.  With this setup, we can prepare a mix for the arena in advance –  setting balances and eq by playing audio from the mix suite directly through the venue’s PA in advance of the show or event.  Show producers and event mixers can hear the mix, give us notes on the phone, and hear changes through the PA immediately.

Its pretty exciting stuff, its already integrated into our workflow, and its available for your projects now.