Good mixes are about more than just setting good levels. Dynamic mixes are conscious of the story to be told, frequency content, final delivery standards, and translation into typical listening environments.

The engineers at DAPG are knowledgeable of the latest broadcast standards, and understand the requirements of mixing for anything, from a 1″ speaker in a toy, to a full theater system. Check out our credits, then contact us for an estimate.

We mix for a wide array of deliverables including:

  • Film trailers for theatrical release
  • Feature films for DVD release
  • Film trailers for DVD release
  • Television shows for broadcast
  • Television shows for DVD release
  • Television spots for broadcast
  • Radio spots for broadcast
  • Music for video games
  • Music for use in broadcasts
  • Music for commercial release
  • Music for use in toys
  • Music for playback at live events