ver the course of two decades Dallas Audio Post has grown from a modest one-room facility in an industrial Dallas business district into the premier audio post production facility in the Southwest.

This growth happened entirely organically, with zero outside funding or investment.

The new Dallas Audio Post facility is a ground-up construction designed by Francis Manzella of FM Design Group in New York.  Over the course of a year, Francis and owner Roy Machado designed a modern facility that focuses on flexibility, integration, and quality.

Because the building was built from scratch, critical elements like floating floors, foley pits, and wiring conduits were able to be integrated directly into the foundation – a feat that can’t be accomplished when moving into an existing structure.

This means that the floated floors are still level with the foundation, foley spaces can double as ADR and music cutting spaces, and zero wiring infrastructure is run in the walls or ceiling.


The crown jewel of the facility is the Dolby certified mixing stage.  This beautiful 16,000 cubic foot stage features floating floor construction, a Christie HD 10k projection system, an Icon controller, and an 11.2 Meyer Acheron speaker system.  This stage is unlike any other in the region, and can deliver Dolby certified theatrical mixes to clients of all scales.


    ach control room is equipped with a set of John Hardy preamps, an Avid C24 for ProTools control, custom furniture, and a meticulously design acoustic setup that includes bass trapping and diffusion integrated into the interior construction.  Two of the four control rooms also have overhead projection and 5.1 monitoring.

    The large cutting spaces are both comfortable and flexible.  Set on floating floors behind triple isolation, these rooms are incredibly quiet and have excellent sight lines.  Each space is large enough to be divided with baffles for multi-mic VO setups, and all rooms have direct ties to both the adjacent control room and the machine room for flexible routing.