Control A receives an upgrade

Control A receives an upgrade

Control room A is the primary sound design suite at Dallas Audio Post, and its the place where engineer René Coronado does most of his work.  Over the course of a few weeks in February, this control room underwent a huge upgrade.

The front LCR loudspeakers were upgraded to Genelec 1238A speakers.  This is the largest 3 way speaker that Genelec makes, and the onboard room calibration is stored in the speaker’s RAM module, allowing calibrated playback with no external software.

Additionally, the C24 was replaced with a pair of Avid S1 mixing surfaces and an Avid Dock.  This upgrade moves control A to the latest EuCon automation workflow and keeps it completely current to the latest workflows.

The Dante infrastructure is central to the routing philosophy and workflow at Dallas Audio Post.  In keeping with this, we have added dozens more channels of I/O over Dante to this room via the newly installed MTRX interface, making control A one of the most capable and flexible suites in the region.

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