Cancer Treatment Centers of America-Dallas Audio Post Sound Design
Sound Design

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Custom ad campaign music arranged by Bradley Morgan Dale, composed by Hanan Townshendvoiceover – final broadcast mix

Dallas Mavs Luka AR Mural by Groove Jones-Dallas Audio Post
Musical Score

Dallas Mavs-Luka AR

Custom Score – Music Production – Sound Design – Final AR Mix

Sound Design

Loud Krazy Love

Client: Ditore Mayo Entertainment – 2018 Dialogue edit – Sound Design – Theatrical Feature Mix – Broadcast mix for Showtime

JC Penney Parade-Shaq-Dallas Audio Post
Musical Score

JC Penney Parade

Custom Score – Music Production – Voice Production – Final Broadcast Mix

Dallas Stars-Open Ice-Dallas Audio Post
Sound Design

Dallas Stars-Open Ice

Client: Dallas Stars – 2017 Dialogue cleanup, edit and mix – Sound Design – Final mix

Experience Nevada-Dallas Audio Post
Sound Design

Experience Nevada

Client: Groove Jones – 2017 Music Supervision and edit – Sound Design – Final mix

Gamestop TV 2017-Dallas Audio Post
Musical Score

Gamestop TV

Client: CRM Studios – 2017 Custom Score for Intro branding – Sound Design – Final mix

Under Armour All American Team VR Quarterback Challenge-Dallas Audio Post
Sound Design

VR Quarterback Challenge

Client: Groove Jones – 2017 Voice Production – Custom sfx recordings – VR Sound Design

Zimmer Biomet Signature Overview VR-Dallas Audio Post
Musical Score

Zimmer Biomet

Client: Groove Jones – 2017 Custom musical score – Custom sfx recordings – VR Sound Design – Ambix 360 mix

Water is Awesome-Unique States Commercial-Dallas Audio Post
Sound Design

Water Is Awesome

Client: The Richard’s Group – 2017 Voice Production (English and Spanish) – Sound Design – Final broadcast mix

Battle of Goliad Texas Historical Commission – Dallas Audio Post
Musical Score

Battle of Goliad

Client: Texas Historical Commission – 2017 Custom Score – Spatial Sound Design – VO record and edit – Final VR

Megafest - 1820 Productions – Dallas Audio Post
Musical Score


Client: 1820 Productions – 2017 Dialogue edit and mix – Custom Music – Sound Design – Final Broadcast Mix